Together we have the power to transform Portland.

Take Action

Businesses commit to creating and deepening your social impact commitments through the following actions, using vetted service providers:


Step 1: Living Wages

Pay a minimum living wage of $15 per hour.


Step 2:

Take at least one of the following actions:


Work Experience

Create work experiences for underrepresented youth. Nationally, 67% of interns are offered employment after internship completion.

Intentional Purchasing

Support small businesses by purchasing goods & services from the 12,000 businesses in the City of Portland that are owned by people of color.


Create culture change in your organization by providing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion training for your staff and leadership. Companies with inclusive talent practices generate up to 30 percent higher revenue per employee.


By joining Portland Means Progress, you can expect to attract and retain customers and employees, boost employee engagement, and improve public image.

(And if you want to track internal company return on investment, we have resources to do that with you. Just ask us!).